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Golden Pear Voice & Image

“Dave worked with us to redesign and manage our website for Golden Pear Voice and Image. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He guided us in terms of what works well and what information would be helpful to have on our website. 

We are very excited about the new look for our website. It looks so much more professional and is very user friendly. He is also very easy to work with when we have changes and additions for our website.

I highly recommend Dave and Thinking Small for any website development and hosting needs.”

Kellie Bibler
Visit goldenpearvoiceandimage.com
Golden Pear

Tawa Tree & Lawn Care

“Dave Treat with Thinking Small has made our website better than we could have ever imagined!

The clean sleek look and easy navigation has made our site much more appealing to us and our prospective customers.”

Matt Ashcraft
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Tawa Tree

Sielschott, Walsh, Keifer...

“Dave recently wrapped up the website for our accounting firm. He employs a methodology in which he teaches his clients to keep it simple.

Not only was Dave knowledgeable and helpful, but he was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a website update.”

Katie Keifer, SWRKS CPAs
Visit swkrcpa.com
Sielschott Walsh Keifer

Old Homestead Soaps & Lotions

"Dave was great to work with. He helped me in time of need when my website was in a rut and not working. He also helped design my logo so it looked better with the website, and made my website look fantastic with all my products. 

He comes to our rescue in a timely manner when there is any problem that arises with the website. We cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for us.

Thanks again Dave!"

Ashley Breitigam
Visit oldhomesteadsoap.com
Old Homestead
Case Study:

Flag City Cart Company

Flag City Carts Web Page

Flag City Cart Company provides free shuttle rides in downtown Findlay, Ohio.

High-definition monitors or static posters mounted on the carts place advertisers in the middle of their client base.

The partially obscured cart photo accomplishes two purposes: It announces “we’re just arriving” while hiding the lack of monitors... the real carts were still being built when the site launched!

Advertise with us: Demographics and technical details for advertisers.

Logo by Dave Treat at Thinking Small.
“Dave Treat and his many skills BLEW OUR MINDS!!

Not only did he create an awesome website for us but he also helped us design our logo, business cards, and brochures. And to top it off, he created some AWESOME ADS for us to use.

His work is FANTASTIC, he is quick to help, and the communication is GREAT !

Thanks for all you’ve done Dave! We look forward to continuing business with you."

Judy Brenner
Flag City Carts did not survive COVID and closed in 2021.
Case Study:

Team Johnson

“Dave Is very professional, quick, creative, and Johnny-on-the-spot.

I am the owner of Team Johnson companies. We were in a big bind and needed service ASAP. He cleared his schedule, worked long hours, and made it happen. Couldn’t ask for a better guy.

If you’re looking to increase your sales, you definitely need to use his services.”

Brandon Johnson
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Ohio Party Bus and Limo is a series of ten individual landing pages... each targeting a specific client scenario (weddings, reunions, parties, winery tours...).

Using Team Johnson's existing logo and color scheme, we developed a clean, contemporary look to appeal to partiers, families, and corporate executives.

The home page serves as an “index” to provide provide easy access to all pages, but most prospective clients arrive at an individual page after a Google search. Careful attention to SEO boosts organic search results, and thoroughly researched Google Adwords link leads to specific pages.

Open Graph images for every page make it easy to share a specific page on Facebook or Twitter.

Social Proof in the form of testimonials from previous clients is matched to the services described on each page.

Team Johnson Limo Landing Page
Case Study:

Kirk Chiropractic

Kirk Chiropractic Web Page

Kirk Chiropractic provides Chiropractic health and wellness services in Findlay, Ohio.

A free booklet download captures leads and provides helpful information for patients visiting a chiropractor for the first time..

A database of clinical and practical information about Chiropractic health is accessed via the Conditions and Symptoms and Information and Resources pages.

The Patients page contains downloadable forms for new clients.

Logo by Greg Hogrefe at Hogrefe Illustration and Design.

Dr. Mark Kirk
Visit kirkchiro.com
Case Study:

Mohican River Retreat House

“Dave Treat did an exceptional job creating our website for our Mohican River Retreat House. He also created the templates for our business cards and business brochures which are so professional in appearance.

We couldn’t ask for a nicer guy to work with. His great ideas have helped us reach more potential clients.”

Jerry and Jeanne Wehri (Original Owners)

This lovely vacation rental is in the middle of a recreational paradise. The website highlights the value of the destination as well as the amenities of the property.

This brand-new house is surrounded by history and filled with antiques. The look and feel of the site uses sepia-toned images and antique maps to set the mood. The custom logo features vintage typography and a Native American icon for “river.”

Social Proof in the form of testimonials from previous guests establishes Mohican River Retreat House as the place to stay in Loudonville.

A free booklet download captures leads, establishes owner expertise, and expands on copy from the website to give potential guests plenty of ideas for things to see and do in Ashland county.

Logo by Dave Treat at Thinking Small.
Mohican Retreat Web Page
Case Study:


UFR Web Page

UFINDLAYRENTALS provides student housing in Findlay, Ohio.

Benefits: Shows the most important things first.

Testimonials: Highlight the most-requested features of students.

FAQ: Answers the top three questions asked by students and parents.

A database with details on each property is summarized on the home page. Details are linked to photos.

A free booklet download captures leads and provides helpful tips on leasing student housing.

A prominent Call to Action (Let’s Talk) is featured in every section.

Property photography by Keepsake Photography, Findlay, Ohio. Cover photo by Dave Treat at Thinking Small.
“We wanted to appeal to the students who would live there... and to their parents.”

Dr. Mark Kirk
Visit ufindlayrentals.com
Case Study:

Marbee Printing

“We wanted to highlight some of our operations with video.

Thinking Small included that on the site.”
Visit marbeeprinting.com

Marbee Printing and Graphic Art is a full-service print shop serving Northwest Ohio since 1945.

The sheer number of Marbee’s services are overwhelming, so we  broke them into three easy-to-grasp categories:

Before ink hits paper: Pre-Press services like graphic design, image editing, and ink & paper selection.

Printing: Contrasts traditional sheet-fed offset with digital imaging.

After the ink dries: Cutting, folding, collating, and binding operations.

A selection of logos from Marbee’s corporate clients shows the range of industries and well-respected businesses they serve.

Video and most photography by Dave Treat at Thinking Small.
Marbee Printing Web Page
Case Study:

Goodrich Myotherapy

Goodrich Myotherapy Web Page

Goodrich Myotherapy opened in November, 2018 with a brand new website to support their massage therapy practice.

Three primary service areas are detailed on separate pages. Real-life testimonials add credibility and prove customer satisfaction.

A free booklet provides helpful information and builds authority and trust in Adam. Leads are captured upon requesting the book.

Logo by Greg Hogrefe at Hogrefe Illustration and Design. Photos by Rosanne Goodrich at Goodrich Photography, Forest, OH
“I LOVE my website. Dave is very easy going and a joy to work with.

Everything was very relaxed when we would talk about what to have on the website. He had some great ideas that I would not have even thought about and he is very patient.

I could not recommend him enough. Thank you Dave!”

Adam Goodrich
Visit GoodMyo.com
Case Study:


“We worked with Thinking Small to build a simple site that could expand with our changing needs.

Dave Treat is making the web great again!”

Jerry Gerken
Sales Professional
Taylor Automotive Family
Visit JerryGerken.com

Jerry Gerken is a top sales professional at the Taylor Automotive Family in Findlay, Ohio. He’s known for “Making Car Buying Easy Again.”

The Gerken Triangle (reflected in Jerry’s logo) helps clients determine the best car for their specific needs.

Logo by Greg Hogrefe at Hogrefe Illustration and Design.
Jerry Gerken Web Page
Case Study:

Tabler Insurance

“Dave is so knowledgeable and one of the nicest people you will ever know.  His attention to detail is more than what was expected.  

Use Dave to help build or remodel your website - You won’t be disappointed.”

Mike Tabler -
Tabler Insurance
Visit Tabler Insurance

Tabler Insurance is a multi-agency firm in Findlay Ohio.

In addition to home, auto, and life, Tabler Insurance applies their expertise to items owners may not have fully considered, like heirlooms and classic autos. Their locale demands special attention to flood insurance.

Separate pages highlight staff and the many companies Tabler represents. Potential clients requesting a quote can easily submit address, vehicles, and drivers to give Tabler a head start on properly insuring their needs.

Tabler Insurance has one of the most recognizable locations in Findlay, so we featured it as a recurring image throughout the web site.

Logo by Greg Hogrefe at Hogrefe Illustration and Design.
Tabler Insurance Web Page

We can show you how to guide your customers to the solutions you provide.

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