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DT_GL2008_420x279Training and developing leaders is an ongoing challenge for most churches and ministry leaders. We can help by bringing years of experience and training methods right to you. Whether it is a custom training designed specifically for your church or a regional workshop to teach small group leadership skills or a missional approach to ministry to multiple churches, we can help prepare your leaders for the real-world challenges they face. We can also help raise the value of missional spiritual formation in community for your staff or congregation.


Missional Communities

“Missional” is not a buzzword you can apply to existing frameworks of ministry. It is a complete re-orientation around the mission of God… an outward focus for the sake of the world. Like a church, a small group that exists for the benefit of its own members will shrivel and die. Only a truly missional posture will lead to health and multiplication.

Missional Discipleship: Being a missionary where I live, where I work, where I play, and where I’m sent.

Application: Beyond Bible Study to Bible Doing

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Discovering the overlooked seekers next door.


Small Group Leader Training

Select from multiple existing modules or let us create a set of trainings just for you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Basic Small Group Leadership

Advanced Small Group Leadership


Centripetal Assimilation (or, Why Your Small Groups Should Suck.)

Leadership Landmines

Small Group Multiplication (Birthing, Planting, you name it…)

Coaching Strategies

The Leadership Challenge: Talkers, Introverts, and Jerry Springer Alumni

Listening: The Leader’s Number One Skill

Like No Place Else: One Anothers and Five spiritual formation essentials that only happen in small groups.

The Leader’s Role: What successful small group leaders must do.


Strategic Small Group Ministry Leadership Workshop

Leading a single small group is a challenge, but running “point” on a church full of small groups can expose a whole new set of obstacles and opportunities. Discipleship, spiritual formation, missional outreach, and Biblical literacy happen best in small groups, and small groups happen best where organic growth is supported by strategic vision and purpose. This workshop is designed for teams of 5-8 from each church. If you are responsible for leading group life in your church, we can help!


Congregational Vision Casting

You’ve been preaching the value of small groups for years and it would help to have an “outsider” confirm the Biblical case for groups. We can make a compelling case for the proposition that spiritual formation happens best in community. If you are transitioning from a sunday school model to small groups or missional communities, this is essential.


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