Life Application in Small Groups (1 of 4)

by think on September 21, 2011

Rubber Meets Road

What keeps most small groups from experiencing real life change? The breakdown is application: the point where the rubber meets the road.

Our churches are filled with smart and isolated people who don’t change. We’ve addressed the isolation issue by getting folks connected to a small group, but they still seem to know about the bible and know what’s required for Christ-likeness… but they still don’t change. The solution is application.

Defining Application
Application often refers to a process of surface treatment… paint, decals, or make-up added to a house, vehicle, or face to dress it up. In our high-tech culture application also refers to a bit of software intended to fulfill a very specific and limited purpose (“There’s an app for that”).

Our definition of application is more like the latter and hopefully not at all like the former. Application is the process of allowing the truths of God’s word to actually influence our thinking and ultimately, to change our behavior in specific and tangible ways. Application is where truth meets life.

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